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Agenda: Difficult topics - extended training

posted Dec 19, 2012, 8:35 AM by Wayne Culp   [ updated Jul 8, 2013, 2:37 PM by Wayne Culp ]

Online meetings:


  • January 3, 2013,  Thursday  2PM CST    2 hours
  • January 4, 2013,   Friday  2PM CST       2 hours
  • January 10, 2013,  Thursday  2PM CST  2 hours 
  • January 17, 2013,  Thursday  2PM CST  2 hours
Jan 10th & 17th meetings will be more in-depth and cover more detail with more student input from Jan 3rd & 4th sessions.

email Wayne Culp > Wayne@nebraskataxaide.org to register or for more information.  Wayne will return an email with the web url to access the online training and the conference call dial-in # for audio. 

 Agenda for the Jan 3rd & 4th sessions:

Basics of Tax Law - training.nebraskataxaide.org/tax-law-basics


                Pub 4012  - every Volunteer Preparers main guide throughout tax preparation
                Link & Learn (training lesson) this contains charts and description

TaxWise Practice: https://twonline.taxwise.com/training11 

Practice Lab at Link & Learn is not recommended



New For TY 2012 - training.nebraskataxaide.org/...new-in-2012-filing-year


Scholarships and Education Benefits

Review: Form 1098t

                Checkout the outline at: training.nebraskataxaide.org...scholarships-tuition-education-credits

Read and/or review (THIS IS IMPORTANT): Scholarship (Box 5) Pub 970, Chapter 1
                Education Credits (Link & Learn training lesson) a resource with details
                TaxWise Guides: Pub 4012 and Pub 970, Chapters 2, 3, & 6 and  Pub 4012 Tab 13


Cancellation of Debt

                TaxWise Guides: Pub 4012 see pages D-4 and D-5
                Helpful tool to keep COD straight: mortgage debt - training.nebraskataxaise.org
                Link & Learn lesson a must view to understand COD and to pass the test
                Checkout training.nebraskataxaide.org..cancellation of debt for resources on COD


Health Savings Account

                TaxWise Guide: Pub 4012,  pages E-1 & E-2

Find HAS contributions limits on current Form 8889 Instructions

                Link & Learn lesson - a must view to understand COD and to pass the test

                Checkout training.nebraskataxaide.org...HSAs for resources on HSAs


Iowa Nonresident Filings

·         TaxWise Guide: training.nebraskataxaide.org...iowa follow these steps

·         Iowa resident or part-year resident are beyond most Volunteer counselors … don’t do them unless the preparer and QR  are qualified

·         To go Iowa DoR website for further reference.


Retirement Income

                Form 1099r and instructions
                Pub 4012, pages 2-17 through 2-20
                Scope: training.nebraskataxaide.org...retirement income



                Scope chart


Certification Test

                Instructions:  training.nebraskataxaide.org/2012-tax-year-online-test-is-available



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