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Module B

Module B is a 4 to 6 hour session, particularly useful to learn tax law.  Students will learn the role, scope, and standards expected of AARP Tax-Aide counselors.  The goal of Module B is to get students familiar with TaxWise Online (TWO) and to learn how to apply tax law that is "In Scope" for AARP Tax-Aide counselors.  The learning is based upon "doing" and our objective is to complete the Intermediate Course exercises in theWorkbook - Pub 4491W.  The basic reference for counselors through out the tax season is the Pub 4012, VITA/TCE Volunteer Resource Guide (spiral). The other sources are the Pub 4491 VITA/TCE Training Guide and the Pub 17 Your Federal Income Tax for Individuals.
  • Washington
  • Carlton
  • Moore
  • Webster
  • Graham
Students review the Pub 4012 and Pub 4491 sections that pertain to these forms and sources of income.  

Pre/Post class reading - Modules B & C cover the bulk of the Pub 4012 and Pub 4491.  Most important is to read and to be familiar with the application of the procedures and direction contained in the publications.  

Generally counselor will only have the Pub 4012 and Pub 17 available (either paper or electronically) at the tax preparation sites.  Pub 4012 is the counselor's guide for preparing the return and to properly input into the forms.  A general guideline is that if a counselor is unfamiliar with a form they should ask the site coordinator ... the form very well may be out of scope. 

HINT: on your PC load the Pub 4012 or Pub 17 and SEARCH of the key word (for example HSA).

Post class videos to view (if asked, sign on, your organization is TCE/AARP):