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W-2 when red => Check if employer was contacted to verify W-2

posted Jan 31, 2013, 8:48 AM by Wayne Culp   [ updated Jul 8, 2013, 1:33 PM ]
The volunteer will need to have the taxpayer give the volunteer the employers phone number so the return can be transmitted at this time. TaxWise is hoping to fix this so that it will only be required if Bank Product is checked instead of Efile or Paper.
From the TaxWise Help File:
Check if employer contacted on W-2 is Red

Question:  Why does the "Check if employer was contacted to verify W-2"  and "employer phone" turn red when I enter information on the W-2

Answer:  The field turns red based off of the amount of withholding entered compared to the Filing Status and amount of Wages entered in box 1.  If the amount exceeds the recommended percentages in IRS Publication 15 the check box and entry will turn red.
Question:  It did not do this last year, why did you make the change?

Answer:  Due to the heightened awareness of fraudulent returns being created in the industry, this is a precautionary measure that helps you identify potentially fraudulent W-2s.  Once you start entering information from employer issued W-2s, you should see fewer instances of this being marked as a required field.
Question:  The help files indicate that this feature should only be turned red if the return is a bank product.  My return is marked as an e-file.

Answer:   This was how the feature worked in TaxWise Online 2011.  We will be updating the help file to reflect the TaxWise Online 2012 current behavior.

Mark Munsterman
Senior Tax Consultant