Review of TeamViewer 8

posted Dec 19, 2012, 8:28 AM by Wayne Culp   [ updated Dec 19, 2012, 8:28 AM by Wayne Culp ]

Check out:  We only use the “Online Meeting” option.  Remember that we are a non-profit (free for private use).

·         Join Online Meeting – this will download the “Join Meeting” file … otherwise click on the link in the inviting email

·         How to set up a Meeting

·         How to “start & host” a meeting … TeamViewer must be loaded to your pc:

·         Download v8.0.16447  - to download the full package


Hints for using Team Viewer

Notice the “X” on the left top line … use to end your participation

Notice the drop down arrows for each of the categories … click these to explore options

·         Participants: microphone icon on/off

·         Voice over IP: microphone & speakers set on/off à probably want to mute as a participant … nobody will hear the dog bark

·         Screen sharing: options for the presenter

·         File box:  to share files for others to see

·         Conference call:  DO NOT USE

·         My video: click on if you want others to see your pajamas or bad hair

·         Whiteboard:  presenter can annotate/highlight