Verify Bank Account Information

Verification required for Bank Account Information:  

Please note the following policy statement.

  • Counselors should ask any taxpayer who wants their refund direct deposited into an account to provide proof of their account in the form of a pre-printed check showing the bank routing and account number.  
  • Taxpayers who do not have a check should be encouraged to go to their bank to obtain a letter of account verification.  
  • If the taxpayer is unable or unwilling to produce account verification, then it is acceptable to put the non-verified account information on the return, provided that the counselor 

1) advises the taxpayer that without verification the account information provided will be put on the return at their own risk, such that if the funds do not arrive in their account that there will be no way to trace or replace the funds and 

2)  has the taxpayer write their initials next to the account information on the printed client's copy of the Form 1040 return.  The initials will serve as indication that they have been warned that the account information has not been verified in the event that the funds are misdirected as a result of the information provided by the taxpayer.

The NTTC recommends that the source of bank account information, if other than a pre-printed check, be noted in the “notes for preparer” section at the bottom of the Main Information Worksheet and in a TaxWise Taxpayer Diary.

From:  Pete Freiermuth, Chair, NTTC

This is a change in the AARP Tax Aide policy regarding sources of information for bank routing numbers and account numbers.