Amending a Return

Go to the Pub 4012 page:  M-1

This information presumes you have the original return in TaxWise®. Amended returns cannot be electronically filed.  Nebraska AARP TaxAide policy is to only amends returns it prepared in TaxWise.
  • Open the original return in TaxWise®. If the return was previously adjusted by the IRS, to modify the original return to match the changes the IRS made before opening Form 1040X.
  • Using the process for adding a form, select 1040X Pg 1 from the list. Add the state amended return forms if the taxpayer is required to correct that return as well.
  • On the Form 1040X and the state’s amended return form, if applicable, check the box at the top to override the original refund or balance due before making changes to any forms.
  • Starting with the Main Information Sheet, confirm the address, filing status and exemptions from the original return and make any appropriate changes such as adding or removing dependents. Add additional Forms W-2, other income documents or credit information as if you are preparing the original return.
  • TaxWise® will complete the Form 1040X Part I based on changes to the tax return. In Part III, provide an explanation for filing Form 1040X such as receiving another Form W-2 after filing the original return or forgetting to claim the child tax credit. Identify the line numbers that changed in Part I as well.
  • Review the forms tree on the left for any red marks and fix them.
  • Secure the taxpayer’s signature and provide the mailing address from the instructions for the form.
TaxWise® Hint: To determine the correct Form 1040X mailing address, access the program help for page 2 of the form and follow the instructions at the bottom of the screen. The mailing addresses can also be found in the Form 1040X instructions.