Filing for an extension

Tax Software Hint: For software entries, go to the Pub 4012, Volunteer Resource Guide (Tab 6) to review the step-by-step procedures for filing for an extension using the tax software.

Taxpayers may file the extension on paper or electronically. The extension must be mailed or transmitted by the due date of the return.

Help taxpayers file for an extension by using TaxWise. 

Filing for an Extension Using TaxWise®
You can help taxpayers file for an extension using TaxWise®, as long as their payment will not 
include Direct Debit. This option does not require a taxpayer PIN. The steps are outlined below. 
  1. Complete the client’s return as accurately as possible.
  2. Go to the PIN section on the TaxWise® Main Information Sheet, near the bottom of the form.
  3.  In the PIN section, select “Form 4868 without direct debit.”
  4. Open Form 4868 and select for the box at the top of the form labeled “Check here if using this form.” 
TaxWise® overrides and locks lines 4 and 5, “Estimate of total tax liability” and “Total payments.”
  5.  Enter the amount being paid with Form 4868, if any.
  6. Close the return.
  7.  From the Tools menu, select “Make extension e-files.”
  8.  Select the return and click OK. TaxWise® runs Diagnostics and creates the extension e-file.
  9. Close the diagnostic screen.