AARP Counselor Resources (Volunteer Portal)

Every volunteer should have their personal copy of the Client Services Provider Digest.  Ask your Local or Site Coordinator for one.  A pdf version is in the attachments below or you can just go through the embedded page.

The AARP Volunter Portal [] is your web-based, centralized access point from which volunteers can access all Tax-Aide program information and operational applications.
  • All active volunteers should register to log-in. 
  • Volunteers have access to applications and data based upon their assignments. 
  • Register (first-time) or log-in at 
  • Registration requires the volunteer's email address (preferably the same as is recorded in the AARP Tax-Aide data base), birth date (as an identifier in the event of a lost password), and Volunteer ID number.
  • See Appendix A (page 30) of the Client Service Provider Digest for more details on using the Volunteer Portal.

Client Service Provider Digest

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Mar 29, 2015, 4:15 PM
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