Client Facilitators/Greeters

Purpose of Position

The Client Facilitator (CF) works with the Local Coordinator/Shift Coordinator (LC/SCO) and performs receptionist-type duties providing an important first contact for taxpayers and keeping service orderly and efficient.

Responsibilities of



In accordance with by the policies and procedures of the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Program, a CF:

Ø  Welcomes taxpayers and ensures they are helped in an appropriate order and checked off an appointment log or sequenced on the activity log to be assisted by a Counselor

Ø  Helps ensure that each taxpayer has brought correct forms, documents, and personal identification required to accurately complete their tax return

Ø  Determines, with assistance of a site Counselor, when a taxpayer’s return is outside of AARP Foundation Tax-Aide scope

Ø  Assists taxpayers in filling out portions of the Intake Sheet and other required papers. The CF may not address tax questions (unless also certified as a Counselor)

Ø  Keeps information (such as waiting time) flowing to taxpayers who are in the waiting area

Ø  Ensures appropriate production data is entered on the site activity log by the Counselor/quality reviewer as each taxpayer departs, and before another taxpayer is served

Ø  May assist Counselors and the ERO in maintaining an orderly file system of incoming taxpayers and acknowledged or rejected returns

Ø  Distributes any appropriate literature to taxpayers

Ø  Adheres to program policies and procedures including those outlined in the Program Policies and Procedures presentation available on the Volunteer ShareNet and the IRS Volunteer Standards of Conduct


The CF must receive annual training on program policies and procedures, pass the IRS Standards of Conduct test, and agree to it by signing, the IRS Volunteer Standards of Conduct form. The CF must also be organized, personable, and enjoy working with people. The CF will need skill in dealing with taxpayers that want immediate answers to their tax questions but will sometimes be required to wait for answers from a tax Counselor.

Training Required

Training by the LC will be required to become familiar with program policy, administrative matters such as site activity logs and Intake and Quality Review Form, applicable site procedures, and orientation to the program.

Wayne Culp,
Jan 9, 2015, 3:29 PM
Wayne Culp,
Jan 9, 2015, 3:29 PM