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TaxWise Online Training Links

posted Oct 21, 2011, 2:23 PM by Wayne Culp   [ updated Oct 21, 2011, 2:23 PM ]

1) To see IRS products as they are released, most recent at the top:

The Training documents are almost all out today on that list (except they have an 'updated' line for Form 6744 that still refers to the old content). Sometimes it takes a few days for the regular search on to connect with the documents and that appears to be happening with 4491, 4491-W, 4012.

2) To see draft IRS documents (often just shells or nothing visible)

3) To have a stable link to the 2010 TWO/Training, through Jan 31, 2012, use:

This will allow use during the usually rough week of upgrade to the new software for 2011 returns about Thanksgiving. It will be available through Jan 31, especially handy for those who need to train on State tax return software, usually not out until late.

4)For the current TWO training environment, use

Now it points to 2010 return training software and will point to 2011 TWO training after the upgrade.

Both of these TWO training environments can also be used by desktop client IDs - we used to be blocked after the upgrade to the new tax year's software. Contact a TWO buddy or use the blue tabs in Pub 3189 and Pub 4012 to get started.

5) The TaxWise training documents are very useful, especially for new counselors, EROs, TCs etc for both desktop and TWO. Currently they are available from a link on the Practice Lab software main page and that link changed about a week ago to:

There is a new link, not yet connected, from the TWO home page (Live and Training) that should point to this material.
These are the materials that were briefly shown in the ERO Procedures slides in the webinar and in the read-aheads sent out for the webinars.

Lyn McClure WA DC-10 + 21, TC, Instructor, ERO etc and member of NTTC and NTC 
and co-moderator of T-VOG

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