On Site Training Expectations

Omaha District/Local Area Learning Expectations

1.    Client Service Provider Digest  

·         Formerly known as the Counselor Digest

·         Counselor roles and responsibilities

·         Client confidentiality and security of tax payer data

·         Expense Reimbursement - how do you turn them in

2.    Scope – What is in or out of scope

3.    Counselor Resources  

·         http://training.nebraskataxaide.org

·     Electronic (pdf) documents, Pub 4012and Pub 17 (use the Adobe Reader search function to quickly find key words)

·      Homestead Exemption – practice and use of the pdf Form 458, NE Sch 1.

·      Taxwise Online Resources

4.     Nebraska Resident (find the Nebraska DOR PPT slides here)

8.    Additional Topics
  1. Best Practices
  2. TWO Shortcuts

9.     Quality Review

10.     Amended Returns Form 1040X

11.     FYI -  The (answers) for the workbook problems for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced in Form 4491W.