How to Handle Rejected eFiles

·       Must be acted on in a prompt manner

·       Follow procedures and guidelines setup by the site’s ERO

·       Some rejections can be corrected and retransmitted

o      If you have corrected a reject, send an email to the ERO with a copy to the Local Coordinator informing them of what was done.

o      Put a note on the bottom of the Main Information Sheet “Reject fixed and there was no change in the AGI, Refund or Amount Due”.

o      Print an 8879 and print at the top “Rejected Fixed” and give it to the Client Facilitator.

·       Some rejections need to be explained to the client since they need to make a decision

o      For example, if a dependent has been claimed on another return, the client has the choice of removing the dependent OR filing a paper return for IRS resolution.

·       If the correction results in a change of more that $50 in the Total Income or AGI, or more than $14 in the Total Tax, Federal Income Tax Withheld, Refund, or Amount You Owe, then a new 8879 must be signed.  Inform the client that they will have to return to the site and sign a revised 8879 and we will provide them with a revised return. Also put a note on the Main Information Sheet that the contact was made and change the “Return Status” to “Waiting for Signature”.