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Filing Status & Dependency

Dependency Qualification Calculator  an online tool developed by an AARP Tax-Aide volunteer in Colorado.
url:  (http://aarp.bogarthome.net/Dependent Qualification Calculator.htm)

Tip:  As with all charts/tools, be careful to check the correct boxes and responses.  This is a new tool ... some may like it better than the Qualifying Child & Qualifying Relative - AARP TaxAide Charts 

IRS: Interactive Tax Assistant (ITA) is the easiest way to determine filing status and dependency. Find it any of these places:
Pub 4012, Tab B & C  ... filing status and dependency work together, but must determine dependency to chose Head of Household.
  • Start with Intake and Interview sheet and Part II.
  • Determine which people qualify as a personal or dependency exemption (Tab C)
  • Determine Filing Status (Tab B)
  • In TaxWise input appropriate information on Main Information Sheet, Tab 1
TIP:  Be careful with qualifying person for Head of Household, if: "he or she is not related to you in one of the ways listed above and is your qualifying relative only because he or she lived with you all year as a member of your household (for example, a companion or a friend)" ==>  not a qualifying person for Head of Household

Qualifying Child & Qualifying Relative - AARP TaxAide Charts many veteran counselors recommend these charts

IRS Form 1040 Instructions: