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Schedule D - Form 1099B

See Pub 4012, pages: 2-10 through 2-16

From Cybertax 13-4, Brokerage statements:  If all capital sales transactions from a brokerage statement are listed individually on the Capital Gains Worksheet, there is no need to send a copy of that brokerage statement to the IRS.  If a preparer summarizes all or part of the transactions on a brokerage statement, then a copy of that brokerage statement must be sent to the IRS either as a PDF file attached to the return or as a paper copy attached to IRS Form 8453.  When using the Form 8453, copies of any Forms 8949, generated in Taxwise, must be printed and attached along with the required brokerage statement.

Go to Cap Gn Wkt and enter the totals from the client's forms. Under 
Description, enter the name of the broker followed by ST or LT (e.g., MERRILLLYNCH 
ST) (Explain to the client what the abbreviations mean.) 
• For Short-term dates, use 01/01/2010 and 12/31/2010.  
• For Long-term dates, use VARIOUS and 12/31/2010.